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Fixed-height entries

I have nothing to do at work today except for answer phones once in a while and help you guys, so I decided to drop in again.

pinkgumdrop asked: "was a way to put a scroll bar across the bottom of my text box on my friends page. I don't like that whenever they post a big pic or something it makes the box HUGE."

Yes, there is. I actually created a style like that a while ago, which is available to the public. It's aptly called Fixed-Size Entries. Of course, I created this long before I understood the difference between ID= and CLASS=, so I used ID="shrinkie" when I should have used CLASS="shrinkie"... anyway, in case you don't like Generator, the basic concept behind the style is this simple style definition:

.shrinkie {
width: ???px;
height: ???px;
overflow: auto;

You can change the width and height values to whatever you want.

To import this style to your journal, create a style, select "Friends View" and enter Style ID #116147 into the correct box. You can only do this if you have a paid account.
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