Quasidan (quasidan) wrote in stylehelp,

"Default View" friends

Even though this doesn't have anything to do with LJ styles directly, I feel like this is related enough to be posted here:

Default View friends pages

p.s. did this community die while I wasn't paying attention or WHAT? Gee whiz...
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I never even thought of looking that far back in lj_nifty, and now I'm obsessively reading the whole friggin' comm. Thanks a lot. =P
Just use the memories.
hey does anybody know how to make a friends page like
my lastn page?

the original designer "cerulean" never made a friends page
i have been attempting to do so but keep coming up short
can anyone help me?

yeah, where are you getting stuck?
kind of, uh, everywhere

i'm trying to get all of my friends entries into that one big scroll box, and i have no idea how to do it.

also, i want their userpics to show up with their entries, just like the original generator style.

any tips?
Is there a way to change the font sizes in the haven style? The title bar font is obnoxiously huge.

I have a paid account.

My html/css is intermediate.

My LJ style system knowledge is vague.

My email address is grrloutloud@hotmail.com
we_r_borg. We have assimilated this abandoned community. Resistance is futile.
You win!!
we know.
I have been looking everywhere for the codes on page transitions. So far I can only find codes for "Internet Explorer viewers only". Im currently using a free account and I would like to know how to give the page a "disolving" affect when changing pages. Thank you.


July 28 2004, 19:39:20 UTC 13 years ago

help, i don't know how to create a style.. will some one please help me ?

i have a paid account. i'm using Flexible Squares. i made a theme layer, added things to my side bar. but it is so long so i wanted to make it only like 200 px and scroll throught the stuff.

i would love some help if this makes any sence lol.

please help :O)
i'm sorry i meant to say i was wondering if you kno the code to make is scroll and if there is a particular place in my theme layer that i have to put it.