Lorelei (loreleif) wrote in stylehelp,

Ask a question!

Starting a new thread for questions, so that the notifications go to me and not Dan any more.


Please include the following information in your comment:

  • The question (duh)

  • Whether or not you have a paid account

  • The amount of HTML/CSS knowledge you have. Do you know anything about it? Have you ever made a web site? If I told you, "make a table cell with this in it," would you understand? If I told you, "put this in the style sheet," would understand?

  • The amount of knowledge you have regarding the LJ style system. If I said, "Change this in LASTN_EVENT_PRIVATE," would you understand? If I said, "copy %%range%% and paste it after %%events%%," would you understand?

  • E-mail if you wish (see below)

  • NOTE: If the answer to your question can be easily found in the FAQ, it will not be answered.
    If your answer has been answered on stylehelp, it will not be answered.
    You have to ask the question here. Do not e-mail us. Check the memories first.
    If you do not include all the above information, we will not be able to help you!

    How are questions answered?
    Post a comment with your question. An expert will review it and answer it in the community. Make sure to check this community to receive your answer. If you want to be notified by e-mail, leave an e-mail address. Otherwise, we will just answer and you have to check the community for updates yourself.

    Where do I put the overrides?
    Step One: Go to Modify Journal
    Step Two: Click on "Proceed..."
    Step Three: Scroll to the bottom.
    Step Four: dump the code there.
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